When is the best time to send a marketing email?

As a title insurance company, you’ve created a stellar marketing email for your real estate professional and mortgage professional prospects and clients. Your email hits all of the right pain points, informing your customers and prospects of our dynamic industry and why your company is positioned to help them keep their closings on track. However, sending this email at the wrong time could be the difference between successfully capturing the attention of your audience and finding yourself lost in their deleted items.

Thus begs the question, when is the right time to send your perfectly crafted email?

Topic Reins As King

Before we talk about time, let me first be clear – the topic of your email is more important than any other factor in your email marketing campaign. We live in a content-rich world where the sheer availability of content to consume is both overwhelming and welcome. Consider the kind of content you are sending and attempt to tailor the content to the schedule of your audience. Consider when real estate agents are out showing homes versus in the office polishing their web listings. Likewise, consider when lenders are buried in their monthly closings versus developing new business and nurturing new clients.

Furthermore, avoid constant self-promotion! Remember that your audience does not care about what is in it for you. Your audience cares about what is in it for them. While you may think your latest technological development is worth an entire year of non-stop badgering, your audience may lose interest quickly. Share your knowledge and enrich the inbox of your audience. It will go a long way to establishing a rich brand and build trust in bulk.

The Weekend

Since beginning work with title insurance companies in 2009, I have often found that just about every client of the firm has grossly overlooked the potential of weekend emails. While your company may work 9-5 Monday through Friday, real estate professionals are especially active during the weekend when their clients are free to view homes. While Saturday’s are often jam-packed and inboxes are full of client inquiries, Sunday provides an excellent opportunity to drop your message directly into your real estate professional’s inbox at the right time to capture their attention after a long weekend of work.

I highly recommend real estate professional focused emails to be sent Sunday in the late afternoon to early evening.

Real estate professionals are often deep in their computers, phones, and tablets working to meet the needs of their clients after receiving countless amounts of feedback from showings all weekend long. As a bonus, their clients are often quiet during this time, reflecting on what they have seen and contemplating their thoughts.


As a general rule of thumb, we tend to avoid Monday emails at all costs. Think about your own Monday routine and you can understand why. Contracts have flooded everyone’s desks, and the rush to process information and communicate down the line is in full swing. It is better to let the week begin and integrate your message after the processing has already started.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Mid-week is my favorite time to send emails to mortgage and real estate professionals alike. Mid-week emails sent around – or just after – lunch tend to arrive just as real estate professionals across the board have had time to catch their breath and get into the grind of their day. These emails often find your audience more attentive than at the beginning of the week which often results in higher responses as well as an increased likelihood that you will end up as a to-do list item now or in the future.

As with Mondays, I always do my best to avoid early morning emails on any day of the week. In addition to the sheer volume of emails that are sent at this time as everyone begins processing transactions, this is also when major brands are looking to catch your attention before work to sell you on their next big sale or exclusive discount for one day only. Avoid fighting for the attention of your audience, and better integrate your message with the raw emotions of the day.


Leave a sweet taste in the mouths of your customers and prospects! Friday is my favorite day to send a trust and rapport building email that resonates with the people you are trying to get the attention of while building the raw power of your brand. Humanize your Friday messages and focus on appealing to the human on the other side of the transmission. Friday is an excellent time to send event invitations, warm words of support, and summaries of your thoughts on the week that has passed. Do not sell to your product to your audience on Fridays. Sell your brand.

In conclusion, I cannot stress how important it is to focus on your message first. Content is and always will be king – especially as the internet continues to mature. While this guide provides insight into our general rules for sending emails as a title insurance agency, also keep in mind that the best creative initiatives always break the rules. Evaluate your email performance over time and develop a deep understanding of the audience you have available to you. Data is the ultimate guide to understanding your full email marketing strategy.

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