We Need to Talk About Your Logo in 2019

Did you know that the Nike swoosh is worth $13 billion? To say a logo matters for your general brand strategy is a gross understatement. As title insurance companies reach for the social media skies and into the pockets of consumers, brand matters now more than ever.

Which begs the question, when are you going to reinvigorate your brand for the next generation of the real estate industry?

Here are three elements of a successful brand in 2019 that you should be keeping in mind as you explore your re-branding efforts.

A Modern Brand is Simple

Gone are the days of obvious intricate detail. Ancient history is where meticulously designed ornamentation and over styled typography have gone to rest.

Welcome to a new age of branding.

Simplicity is key in the modern age. If you need proof look no further than the world’s leading trendsetters – technology and fashion. In 2019 brand will continue to shed their ages old brand marks and unique lettering for bold sans serif typography and simple shapes that are both beautiful and easily recognizable.

A Modern Brand Can Scale

Your brand’s utility is no longer limited to your office, business card and print material. Now your brand must scale from its presentation in your office to your Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram story. Each of these digital platforms presents new challanges such as Facebook’s decision to display profile pictures in circles rather than the more traditional square.

How will your next brand scale in a digital world?

Modular brands that can enjoy the separation of the mark and the name make for excellent adapters to new media. Additionally, much like your full name and initials, brands based solely in text should be able to be displayed in an abbreviated and more dynamic form.

A Modern Brand Inspires Pride

Branding is extending beyond the traditional borders of the physical office and material it is displayed on. The next generation of brands must inspire their supporters with reason to be loyal through pride.

In 2019 the personification of “brand” will continue to explode as your responsibility grows with new innovative technologies, continued data breaches and rising privacy concerns. The brands who will prevail – especially in our highly regulated industry – will be those who inspire trustworthiness and competence in a world otherwise consumed by chaos.

The coming year will present many new opportunities for the title insurance and real estate industries to continue to journey forward. How you respond to these new and innovative techniques and tools will define your company’s legacy. If you choose to modernize your brand, consider making these three elements of branding key goals in your efforts to establish a timeless identity to carry you into your next chapter with strength and pride.

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