This Drives Every Marketer Crazy In iOS 7

iOS 7 is one of Apple’s best iOS releases to date by far. Introducing a handful of new useful features and under-the-hood improvements, iOS 7 immediately made its ancestors obsolete. However, the effects of iOS 7 will be seen far beyond the small screen in your pocket.

As a matter of fact, iOS has already made a major impact for brands of all sizes. Giants like Yahoo! and Pandora scrambled to update their brands in a way that conforms to the new Apple design language. (We even speculate that Yahoo’s logo change was a part of the iOS 7 release as Apple incorporates many Yahoo services into its mobile operating system.) Introducing the flat, mathematically designed shapes with a vibrant color scheme and whimsical curves sent a shock wave through internet companies.

However, one app that is stuck on every iOS 7 device on the planet chose (for some unknown reason) to completely ignore the new design philosophy of the system. And that little app causes us to cringe and cry. That app is Apple’s game center.

Why? Because as marketers and advertisers we strive to create a consistent experience in a brand. For Apple, their new mobile operating system is a new direction in the Apple brand experience. While Apple should be developing an experience that feels fluid and uninterrupted, they managed to create one single square icon that disrupts their operating system like a dead pixel on your television.

The glossy bubbles that dance around the screen and are incorporated as the graphical user interface of the app completely contrast the flat colorful silhouettes of the new calendar.

Brands should stay consistent in their delivery as a brands purpose is to elicit an emotional connection and response between the consumer and the company. While we’re fairly certain Apple isn’t trying to connect with the insane, its new iOS certainly has a small identity crisis.