What Who You Hire to Build Your Website Says About You

What Who You Hire to Build Your Website Says About YouA web site has become just as much a part of modern commerce as a business card. They are our online store front and are available for the world to see. Your web site could turn a visitor into a customer. But did you hire the right people to make your web site? What will your customers think when they see your online spokes person?

To the naked eye there are three places to turn to when developing your web site. You can turn to the graphic designer who may be highly skilled in web design, but lacks in coding and back-end knowledge. He may make your site look pretty to the average visitor, but how well are you utilizing technology as well SEO to be sure you are turning the most leads? How about content?

The next place you could turn to is a web developer or web development firm. Though you expect their area of expertise to be building you a site that makes you the most ROI, keep in mind that their specialty is web design. So indeed you have a website running the most up-to-date technology and can be found at the top of Google. But once your potential customer has arrived, how do you convert them into a paying customer?

The final place you might think to look for a website to be done is an advertising agency. Highly skilled in turning the average visitor into a paying customer the advertising agency is like having a graphic designer on steroids. The only problem is, yet again, you lack the technology to be sure your site performs at its best.

Before you start to panic, you should know that there is a solution to be sure you are being covered in all areas of your web development. The key is to do your research and find out just who gets to touch your website. Advertising agencies like Ralston & Anthony have partnered with IT firms like The Cloudstar Corporation to bridge the gap between design, customer experience, and proper use of technology. Through partnerships such as these, the client is able to receive the expert attention to the customer through the extensive resources available in the advertising agency while enjoying the benefits of modern technology. Let’s face it, if you don’t have the technology behind your site, you won’t make it in a world highly dependent upon innovation. Yet at the same time you want your customers to have the unique experience only a skilled designer and advertiser can deliver.

So again we ask, what does who you hire to build your website say about you?

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