That’s Right – We Said “No More Graphic Design”

Ralston & Anthony - No More Graphic Design
You’re probably not used to hearing a company tell you that what they do is a bad thing, let alone to abandon it completely. Which is good because companies shouldn’t do that just as they shouldn’t buy graphic design – they should buy advertising.

A lot of you may have been confused by our new “No More Graphic Design” campaign. You may have thought to yourself, “Isn’t graphic design at the core of what an advertising firm does?” And to that we would say, “No. Not really. But we’re glad you asked!” As a matter of fact, we are so ecstatic that you asked, that we indeed decided to launch a campaign about it.

So what is it that we are trying to accomplish with our “No More Graphic Design” campaign? Well it’s actually very simple. You see it starts with a business (of any size) that decides they like having customers to enjoy the fruits of their product or service. (I think we can agree that this would embody a tremendous portion of American business people.) That business will most likely do things of which may include joining a local networking group, become advocates of their brand at their daughters dance studio or even spend every Wednesday night at their local Wind Down Wednesday business networking dinner. The one thing they will undeniably always do is create material to aid in their effort to advocate their brand.

Alright, so at this point in the game we have an enthusiastic business owner (or decision maker) who is doing everything in their power to develop business. (Or perhaps we have an established business owner looking to further develop business.) In most cases the small business owner will turn to Bob’s Print & Graphic Design shop to purchase valuable and impactful items such as business cards, brochures and flyers. Afterward they will reach out to Mary’s Web Design Service and establish their real estate on the web. Certainly Bob and Mary know what they are doing and will produce really pretty works of art for the customers to view.

This is where we come in. What most business owners don’t realize is that Bob and Mary most certainly do produce works of art. But that’s the very issue. Whether their work looks beautiful or (in most cases) looks like a messy scene out of Microsoft Publisher, art is left to interpretation. Corporate art has no strategy and certainly lacks the most important component of your marketing materials. The marketing, or selling, component!

Graphic design is art no doubt. However, advertising is sales! As an advertising firm we look at your goals, aspirations and assist you in reaching your full selling potential with marketing material that sell with you. Of course your materials should be the most beautiful objects on the planet; but we also want for them to skillfully shine the spotlight on what makes you special! This way when Mr. Martin Wayne is deciding whether to choose your company or Company B, he makes what you and I know is the best choice.

Think of your market share as an art gallery. There are many artists competing to have their work displayed inside but only one skillfully powerful individual can own it. So next time you are deciding between art or strategy, ask yourself this simple question. Would you rather critics decide whether you are worthy of hanging in the gallery; or would you rather own the gallery?

So please, help us in our efforts to raise awareness in assisting business owners of all sizes make informed decisions on how to spend their marketing and advertising dollars. Help us by pledging your continued efforts to #SupportAdvertising.