National Marketing: Are you truly a nationwide company?

Some states here in America are the size of entire European countries. Think for a moment about the massive cultural diversity of Europe from the sheer amount of languages spoken to the dramatic difference in architecture, food and entertainment. It’s easy to see why so many Americans are devoutly supportive of their home state or even town.

As business owners thinking about marketing and advertising nationally we must not forget that the cultural divide in America is dramatic as you pass from one region to another.

This is perhaps most evident in politics. Not all states have the same needs and as such have very different views when it comes to politics. Farmers and factory workers in Arkansas will have very different views, traditions and customs from the lawyers and CEO’s here in Chicago.

So why is it that too many small businesses often ignore these cultural differences when developing national marketing?

While many get it right, it is important to understand how to market nationally.

1.) Develop multi-state (or even city) DIGITAL marketing.

Perhaps the easiest forum to market yourself across multiple regions is online. However telling your customers that you serve the nation on your homepage and appropriately communicating your point are two very different things.

A common strategy to target multiple cultures within the United States is to setup landing pages that target each location. These landing pages often become a regional library of curated content specific to the needs of the location. Digital marketing strategies (paid search, paid social or even email) are created and executed from there.

2.) Don’t reuse your tradeshow material from New York in Alabama.

One of the most successful elements of my first point is the ability to appeal to customers using familiar sensory experiences. Consider the landing page for New York. The video will include tall buildings, horns honking and people in abundance. Would you also create the same video for your Alabama clientele?

The same is true of the sensory experience of your tradeshows. Tradeshow booths are the physical recreation of your highly focused landing pages. The goal is the same, to introduce your company and convert leads based on qualified interest.

Designing your tradeshow booth should include imagery, sights and sounds relevant to your audience. Be respectful of the beautiful American plains and include the roaring waves of the southern California coast when marketing in these areas. Your customers will feel much more comfortable with your brand.

3.) Target your audience in print.

For those of you who utilize direct mail campaigns you should always be mindful of not only who you’re sending it to, but also where. Consistency is key to developing a strong brand. So if you introduce location specific content online and at your tradeshows, be sure to keep this consistent across all of your platforms including direct mail.

To make this easy we always recommend Amazing Mail for their next day turn arounds and no minimums. It makes it incredibly easy to target your customers effectively.

Marketing to a nationwide audience is a unique opportunity for your brand to explore its full potential and develop strong recognition and loyalty. Remember to never ignore your audience. No marketing effort is one size fits all.