The Wall Isn’t Sticky Anymore So Stop Throwing Marketing Ideas At It

More business’ (both large and small) than one would care to admit use the “let’s see what sticks” method in their marketing strategy, or lack-there-of. As one of our largest and most beloved clients once explained, this idea comes from a pre-economic-meltdown society, where simply by virtue of your existence, your business would grow.

Unfortunately for those familiar with this pre-economic market, those lack-of-strategy approaches no longer work. (Not that they worked all that well before anyway.) Since our economy crashed the market has become flooded with competition, new advertising options and the new consumer lust for the internet’s social offerings. Today you can advertise not only on TV, the mail, and over the phone but also talk directly to your consumer on a personal level through Twitter, Facebook and interactions on Pinterest, Google, your blog and interactive print and television ads.

So for those who wanted to see what stuck ten years ago and needed a strategy, today you’re giving your business a death sentence.

Marketing strategies cover a diverse set of challenges and answer a great number of questions as they pertain to your marketing and advertising. Questions and challenges that you must be familiar with before you execute your next Twitter campaign or take part in your next trade show.

Modern marketing includes several outlets that include but is certainly not limited to:

  • Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest)
  • Internet & Digital Marketing (Branded App Development, SEO, Blogging, Online Content Generation)
  • Traditional Marketing (Television, Print, Telephony)
  • Trade Show Marketing

What you see above are all common elements of our average client’s marketing strategies. So what happens when you simply see what sticks? After all, the only thing that matters is that you simply have those elements to your marketing. Right?

Wrong. What is more important than ever in our era of content driven marketing is to be sure that not only does your marketing compliment itself across your different mediums, but that it works together to seal your message, capture the attention of your target audience and solidify your brand in the marketplace.

The needs of every business are different and as such so are the needs of their marketing strategy. However, nothing is more important in your marketing than your strategy. So please, quit seeing what sticks because today the wall is no longer sticky.