4 Ways To Improve Your Personal Brand Without Even Trying

1. Ironing your clothing is a crime.

Ironing your clothing with starch is a must.

2. Better yet, have a wardrobe that fits.

Absolutely nothing is worse than meeting with a professional who looks like they should be your limousine driver in Nowhere-ville, Kansas. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the slim fitting pants with the extra baggy 100% polyester jacket that they didn’t even bother to button while they strolled around Chicago’s busy streets.

We know none of our readers look like that. But if you run into your should-be limousine driver in Kansas, send them to us and we’ll get them spiffed up.

3. There are rules to wearing that nice fitting suit. Learn them.

If your jacket is a double-breasted or single breasted jacket you will find that the rules for wearing each are quite different.

As a quick crash course in Wearing Your Suit 101, if your jacket is double-breasted and has more than one button to button, button all but the last button. Under no circumstance should you unbutton or take off a double-breasted jacket. Double breasted jackets are the epitome of men’s formal wear assuming you aren’t required to wear black tie or white tie.

If your jacket is a single breasted jacket with three buttons, you only button the top two buttons. Have only two buttons? You guessed it. Only the top button should be buttoned on this jacket. If you plan on sitting down it would be proper to unbutton the jacket as you sit. And as you stand you should do just the opposite.

There are so many more rules to wearing your suit beyond the buttons of your jacket. From what tie knots are proper in what occasions, to how to pair your cufflinks with your suit and what pocket square fold are meant to be paired with what event.

4. Be confident in your ability to be you.

Your personal brand is all about you. So in short, sell yourself! All of us are very confident in the businesses we run, the products we sell or the services we offer. But I notice more often than not that business owners, sales people and even employees often forget to be as confident in their own personal brand.

Most sales happen based on emotion rather than fact. We are an impulsive and highly emotional species who thrive in environments where comfort and security are present. In order to effectively run your successful business you must make every effort to appeal to your customers emotional needs as well as their product or service needs. Your personal brand will not only make you likeable, but give your customers the ability to feel comfortable and secure with your business’ brand.

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  1. Rajendra Grewal
    July 24, 2013

    Please do not “LIVE IN THE PAST”. Starched shirts, indeed ! Unless you are a Manhattan millionaire who lives in an air conditioned house, travels by air-conditioned car, and works in an air conditioned office , do not wear pure cotton shirts, with or without starch. Have you heard of “wrinkle free” cotton ?n We get brilliant ARROW shirts, in INDIA, that are pre-press. And more from impeccable Japanese cotton.

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