SLIDESHOW: The Twitter Crash Course – 5 Tricks to Consider on Twitter

So you’ve created your company’s Twitter account- now what?

For companies who use Twitter and other forms of social media for the first time, it can be confusing. Many businesses do not use their Twitter to its full potential, which often leaves them wondering, what’s the big deal?

Before I give a crash course on Twitter, it is important to understand just how important social media is.

First, if a company is not on any form of social media site, it is lagging behind and should get online now. From a 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report survey, it was found that 97% of businesses were using social media to market their business. Don’t be the 3%.

With that being said, a company must find the social media medium or mediums that fit its marketing goals and the way their target market receives and processes information. For example, if its target market is businessmen and businesswomen 65 years of age and older, Twitter might not be the best medium to focus its energies due to the lack of this audience presence on Twitter. LinkedIn would perhaps be a better choice.

It is important for every company to consider Twitter, nevertheless, since it has quickly become the second most prevalent social media platform.

While traditional marketing campaigns are still prevalent, social media campaigns are on the rise. Being on social media, especially Twitter, shows that a company is modern and relevant in today’s market. It boosts search engine rankings in a world where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming a priority in digital marketing (try Googling “Ralston & Anthony”, and you’ll see what I mean). Companies must be careful, however, to make sure that their social media sites are used with a marketing goal in mind.

That is why Twitter is so great. Through Twitter, there are so many opportunities to make a company reachable and tangible by marketing and interacting directly with customers. It is perhaps the best combination of cheap and effective for starting a social media marketing campaign.

Twitter can also boost and reengage loyalty. For example, I drive a Jeep Wrangler, which led me to follow the Jeep Twitter account. When Jeep Tweets pictures of off-roading Wranglers covered in mud, it reminds me of why I love having a Jeep and what the Jeep brand stands for. It boosts my loyalty and validates my desire to have a Jeep until the day that I die (or at least for many years).

Many companies underrate Twitter as a valuable marketing medium because they don’t understand it’s full potential. By keeping these tricks in mind, a company could increase traffic, sales, and loyalty.

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