Let’s Talk About How Gen Z Will Talk to Your Title Company

If you thought change was rapid during the explosive first time home buyer blitz of Millennials, just wait until you meet Gen Z. The total embrace of technology is key to both generations, however, the way Gen Z leverages technology is vastly different than their predecessors. If your title company is going to succeed when the next wave of home buyers, real estate professionals, and bankers hit the market, you’re going to want to evolve the way you think about communication.

Facebook is the New Fax Machine

Gen Z communicates with business' differently. Are you ready to ditch Facebook?
Gen Z communicates with business’ differently. Are you ready to ditch Facebook?

Millennials gawked at title companies who maintained a fax line in their office. “What a primitive and inefficient communication method” ,thought many Millennials. As the generation began to infiltrate more than just the market and breached the professional world of real estate and banking, so too changed the ways in which we communicate. Suddenly we rapidly adopted digital means of communication to the point where now we can conduct fully digital closings with the help of e-signatures, Zoom, and secure email communication.

Gen Z will change the game yet again continuing the momentum established by their older home buying and selling generation. To put this change into perspective, Facebook – the once bustling center of life on the internet – is null in the lives of many members of Gen Z. Once a staple of digital life, this platform has never been used by much of the upcoming generation. Gone is the validity of your business page, the number of likes your recent closing received, and updates to business hours on approaching holidays. Gen Z communicates differently.

Gen Z loves Snapchat.

Gen Z loves TikTok.

Gen Z loves instant, to the point, personalized communication.

Gen Z will never pick up the phone. They don’t want to talk to you.

Gen Z will absolutely text you.

Gen Z will use Google’s main search results page to research your business.

Gen Z will chat with you on your website.

Simply put, Gen Z wants quick, personalized, easy information and they want it fast so they can move on. Gen Z is generation that will master multitasking. They will chat with you while running on the treadmill at the gym without ever interrupting their workout.

The Time to Adapt is Now

Gen Z is graduating college and approaching a rapid rise in market activity. Are you ready?
Gen Z is graduating college and approaching a rapid rise in market activity. Are you ready?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours modernizing your business with encrypted email solutions, video conferencing platforms, immersive web experienced, and a robust social media presence. Those developments aren’t in vain! However, now is the time to consider what is next. Are you readily available to chat with your customers via text or a Twitter Direct Message (DM)? Can your customers chat with you on your website? Have you started to consider short form video to spread your knowledge on TikTok?

Times are changing and so too are the methods that we send our message into the world and receive inquiries from interested home buyers, real estate professionals, and mortgage bankers. Ralston + Anthony is developing robust communications systems to help our clients adapt with the tools to unify communications into single platforms, intelligently delegate conversations to appropriate account managers from Twitter DM’s into your company’s workforce, and streamline your communication and brand into a comprehensive and cohesive communication powerhouse.

If you have questions or want to discover more about the next generation of commercial communication, our team is delighted to help. Start a conversation with us right here on our website, send us an email, or give us a call. A consultation is always complimentary and we can’t wait to meet your title company.

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