From Desktop, to iPad, to iPhone and Andriod – Are You Mobile?

Responsive Mobile WebsiteTomorrow Apple will officially giving millions of people across the globe the moment they have all been anxiously awaiting. Their chance to have their personal affair with their new iPhone 5. With record sales, a brand new version of iOS and the latest explosion in the mobile device market, this should leave you questioning your websites effectiveness online.

You see, it isn’t 1999 anymore. Gone are the days where simply having the best looking website on your customer’s computer even matters.

Now you have to capture the attention and fulfill the informational or buying needs of thousands of people across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones of all shapes and sizes. Suddenly your client is looking for phone numbers on a 4″ screen versus a 14″ screen. Or perhaps they are double checking your address. And often they are even visiting you for the first time right on their phone! The worst part is, they want to get the information they need just as easy as they could’ve on their 14″ screen, if not better.

If you have a knot in your stomach right about now, don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

More and more businesses are switching to what is called responsive websites. This is especially good news for those of you who don’t want to invest the time and money in building a mobile application. Especially when a mobile app can be highly unnecessary for non-ad specific, general information. A responsive website will automatically (because of how it’s code is written) transform your site into a mobile application built for iPhone, iPad and even Andriod devices.

Suddenly instead of all of your content looking like ants on the screen, the text is legible and beautiful. Finding that phone number, address or even just browsing can be done with a tap, flick and pinch. Isn’t that what your customers want online? Easy information?

So whether you’re rebuilding or remodeling, our advice is to keep your customers engaged and happy across all devices be it a desktop, laptop or mobile device. And keep in mind, this mobile market doesn’t get smaller every year. It doesn’t even just grow. It explodes.