3 Free Supercharged Internet Marketing Tools

Supercharged Internet Marketing ToolsDriving traffic and churning leads using your website can be a hard game to play with out an established web strategy. Hundreds of thousands of websites across the world claim they can do the same thing you can. No matter how they look or what they say, for some simply gaining enough traffic to their site is enough to excite their bank account.

Your website actually has a lot of statistics behind it. Statistics that are relative to your site alone. For example, at Company A, 1 out of every 1,000 web visits will turn into a sale. Thus the trick is gaining one thousand to hundreds of thousands of visits.

Now we certainly aren’t endorsing a poorly designed website. You know, something that is just “getting the job done.” Believe it or not the site you build effects your ability to churn leads in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) much like hiring a drunk as a sales person would substantially effect your monthly sales. But that is a story for another day.

Today let’s take a look at three free services you absolutely need regardless of your web strategy.


If you are an expert at what you do, you probably have content on your website that others may find interesting and will then share via copy/paste. So why aren’t you making that content work for you? TYNT is an innovative piece of code that makes it possible for users to copy/paste text with an automatic link back to your site. What does this look like? Something like this:

Let me start with a brief back-story that has led me to my thinking. My mufti-dimensional view of leadership began early in my career while working various internships during my undergraduate studies at Loyola University’s School of Business.

Read more: http://boonemanagementgroup.com/2012/08/are-you-looking-for-your-next-business-breakthrough/#ixzz25RduQaF4

What you’re seeing above is a real functioning site that we copy/pasted information from with a “Read More” link attached. But wait, there is more.

Besides driving traffic to your site and giving you credit for the content you produce, TYNT helps you analyze down to the word what content your visitors find engaging. Also, anyone who uses TYNT and finds their content being shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn will also enjoy SEO benefits, as links are produced in social platforms.

IFTTT (If This Than That)

How often do you waste time posting the same content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Well time wasted no more! (Those of you with company blogs will especially find this tool useful.)

As a matter of fact, the number one complaint that we hear from business’ looking to expand online is that they have trouble getting the word out across all of their mediums in a meaningful way. This tool is pretty straight forward and can be extremely powerful when paired with the right social media strategy.

Once you have registered for your account you can create “recipes.” A recipe consists of the following formula:

If THIS (The Action) than THAT (The Subsequent Effect)

So for those of you who are viewing this blog post from a Ralston & Anthony social network, you’ve already experienced the wide reach of IFTT. When a blog is posted on our site, within 15 minutes it will also appear on our staff’s LinkedIn pages as well as the company Facebook and Twitter.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to use the service with a blog. The way you design your automatic submissions is completely up to you (or your marketing professional.) The possibilities are truly endless and the rewards of good social sharing will certainly help set up you and your company as experts who love their community.


This is by far the coolest (and potentially most effective) tool available to date for business users online. As I’m sure you’d agree, the sales process is by far the most effective way to turn a lead into closed business. Right? We all have our own company culture, personality and voice. Not to mention the powerful impact sales dialog has when expertly created by marketing professionals.

Thus begs the question, where are your web visitors to turn when they have questions or want someone to talk to? Sure, many business encourage phone calls. There is nothing wrong with that. Others have dedicated sales agents that do nothing but answer chats all day. There is nothing wrong with that either! But what if you could train artificial intelligence to do that for you? A robot would be much more reliable in making sure that the conversation meets the sales standards for true conversion. (After all you can’t control a human.)

Meet Acobot. Acobot is your personal sales associate who is available to answer your prospects questions at any time of day. The best part is, Acobot is trained what to say so you can count on a consistent sales experience every time. Ralston & Anthony clients can enjoy the option of having one of our marketers train the bot for them using proven behavioral sales techniques. I’m not kidding when I say the growth possibility with this tool are endless!

Now you know our three recommended must have tools to implement as part of your online strategy. Of course consulting with your professional in marketing would never hurt when maximizing your potential in using these products. So please, give your marketing director a call. If you don’t have one we’re always a short email away. We would be happy to answer your questions!

Growing your business online, along your offline business development, can have a profound impact on your ability to grow your bank account.

Update (June 29, 2013): We are sad to report that since this articles publication on September 4, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Acobot has discontinued their free plan. Acobot does now offer a 30 day free trail that you can use. However, we’re fans of free and are very sad to see this excellent service end their free offer.