5 Steps To Excellent Email Marketing Engagement

1. Know your lines

When checking their email, most users will immediately delete an email if it seems that the email is phony or from an unreliable source. Internet users have been trained to be wary of email phishing scams and Trojan viruses that could potentially destroy their computer. Make sure that your “From” and “Subject” lines don’t prompt the user to immediately send your email astray without tempting them to view. As a matter of fact, who you send your emails from is law and a subject that doesn’t make the user feel as if they’ve just won a free virus for being the millionth visitor to your website will increase engagement. The subject should be a clear and concise preview of the message to come.

From: info@ralstonandanthony.com
Subject: 5 Steps To Excellent Email Marketing Engagement

2. Watch your words

So you’ve carefully chosen who the email is coming from and what the subject is. Great! Now you have to watch the words you use throughout the message to ensure that your email doesn’t immediately get the cold shoulder into the spam folder. Avoid repeatedly using capitalized words and flag words such as “free” multiple times. After all, nobody can read your email if they never received it…

3. Know your target market

Chances are you’ve acquired quite a list of prospects and certain demographics pertaining to these prospects. In order to keep your company name out of the gutter, avoid sending the wrong email to the wrong people. For instance, if you are trying to sell a subscription to the Cigars of the Month club you should avoid emailing contacts on your list that are 18 and under.

4. Tell a story

Readers are far more likely to continue reading your email if they find the information useful, informative, and entertaining. Often the best way to achieve all of these goals is to tell a story. The story need not be a true one necessarily, rather an entertaining anecdote of how the product can be used. A funny story can prompt the reader to be in a better mood, thus increasing the likelihood that they will be inspired to buy your product. The story also helps the reader continue to the bottom of the page where they will see the final goal of the email: The call to action.

5. Have a simple call to action

The last thing to help drive successful email campaigns is to provide a simple solution to the problem for the prospect. The best solutions are the simple ones: Click Here, Visit example.com/golfvacations, Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX to set up an appointment today. These calls to actions provide simple solutions to the customer’s needs and are also the main goal of your email campaign. You must make sure that it will not be a tedious process for the customer to gain the information or product that they now desire.

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  1. Jason Malikow
    July 16, 2013

    Some good general tips here. 3 and 5 go hand in hand and can make the difference between a profitable and a loss making email. For example, selling to entrepreneurs and C-levels is similar in that they have too many demands on their attention and time. The solution is to make it easy for them to take action by including multiple CTAs in the same email.

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