4 Ways Marketing Automation Grows Title Companies

So you want to launch a marketing campaign that feels like it’s going to take a small army to implement. You want it to automatically execute tasks based on your prospective and existing customers behaviors and even tailor the message to their unique needs. I’d like to introduce you to your very own personal digital marketing army, Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is a software system that integrates with your existing digital marketing content delivery methods. It tracks user behavior on your website, sends email campaigns, hosts white papers and even accepts form submissions. However, the real power behind a marketing automation system is how it brings all your components together to automate your marketing efforts and give your title company a consistent, unified voice without the need to hire a human to execute these tasks for you on a daily basis.

With that in mind, here are 4 ways that title companies are currently using marketing automation systems to help their company grow – automatically.

1. Better Utilization of Your Marketing Resources

Marketing Automation makes digital marketing easier and more organized.

Hiring a team of full-time marketing employees can get really expensive fast. Even if your title company does have a full-time marketing staff, there are areas you’d likely prefer to focus their time and attention on. Title companies nationwide are using marketing automation to automate many tasks that historically had to be carried out by a human being.

Automated Follow Ups

Nurturing a lead consistently and effectively can be the difference between business won and business lost. Title companies are using web forms that integrate directly with their marketing automation tools to capture the lead information instantly. This information then places that lead in an automated campaign lasting several months to nurture the lead with relevant follow-up information – automatically.

Automated Lead Qualification

Are your sales representatives ready to start cold calling to generate more business? Why would you want them to call random names on a list when they could be calling the most qualified prospects in your marketing automation systems? Points within the marketing automation system automatically assign points based on a lead’s behavior. Now when your sales team begins their cold calling efforts, they can begin with the leads with the highest points.

2. Enhanced Digital Engagement For Prospective & Existing Customers

Increase digital engagement with marketing automation for title insurance companies.

Marketing automation systems are able to make intelligent decisions based on a lead’s behavior. Because the marketing automation system identifies a lead and then continues tracking them, this means that the system is able to make intelligent decisions on what to execute next with the goal of converting the lead into a prospective customer.

Automated Information Delivery

Change continues to happen in the title insurance industry well beyond the ALTA Best Practices and as a result of TRID-RESPA. Educating your realtor and lender prospective and current customers through information-based campaigns is critical to establishing your company as a thought leader. Title companies are currently using marketing automation systems to deliver information to a lead’s inbox while the system makes decisions based on factors such as (a) whether or not the lead opens the email and (b) whether or not the lead clicks a link in the email to decide what to send next until the lead is fully educated on the topic thanks to the title company.

3. It’s Automated Of Course

Automating tasks with marketing automation means more time to provide settlement services.

All of your marketing efforts that are designed to operate within the marketing automation system are completely automated. So what do the humans do? The humans focus on consultative tweaks to the system and designing new systems to continue the efforts of the title company. While the system is gathering information it is also compiling that information into reports that make understanding the effects of your marketing efforts much more clearly. Handy reports such as leads and points, email activity and website traffic are often even further filtered to identify specific areas that title companies can continue to improve their digital marketing.

It is incredible the amount of information that can be gathered through simple interactions with a modern company. Title companies should and are taking advantage of the same technologies to make a more informed analysis of their own business.

4. Marketing Automation Has Become Really Affordable

Affordable marketing automation for title insurance companies means better ROI.

Everyone is curious of the return on investment of any given initiative designed to grow any business. Methods that cost less yet yield efficient and effective results are often the methods that produce the highest returns and results. The beauty of marketing automation is that it no longer is reserved for those with thousands of dollars to spend every month on the software alone. Through traditional marketing automation models, those companies would then spend thousands more hiring consultants to help them design systems to make the most of the software.

Today marketing automation is available for a fraction of the cost with even more developed features and capabilities. The affordability of the systems means that companies just like yours are able to adopt the same power while maximizing your return. The same tools, less expensive operating costs and the potential to deliver the same results.

It really is quite amazing what companies across all industries are doing with technology to grow their businesses. Title insurance companies are focused than ever before on delivering their competitive message to their target audience. With historic compliance initiatives written in the history books, the next chapter is all about how title companies will use compliance and technology to spread their message.

How are you marketing your title company digitally today? Do you have any questions about marketing automation? Let us know in the comment below.