Because Everybody Behaves

Behavioral SalesAt the core of our very existence is the fact that we all behave in order to coexist with each other. Many refer to this principal as the socialization of a society. Thus begs the questions, if we must be socialized to function in society, how many of us are socialized to function effectively and efficiently in business? Welcome to the world of business communications – Ralston & Anthony style.

What most people are unaware of is that advertising happens in two parts. The first part is creative advertising which consists of television commercials, billboards and shrink wrapping entire fleets of vehicles. The second is external business communications which consists of public relations and most importantly – sales.

At the core of Ralston & Anthony’s strategy is a firm belief in the sociological ideas of human behavioral. Take, for example, body language. Did you know that your feet are the most truthful part of your body? Or that you can create superiority over your competition by simply correctly positioning your hands during a press conference?

We have been using the scientific facts of human behavior to create our ads and business communication material since our conception. Earlier this year we decided that it was time to share what makes us unique and pioneer a new industry. Meet Ralston & Anthony’s new addition, Orgolio Behavioral Sales.

“For the longest time we have kept all of our knowledge about human behavior in the sales and marketing processes to ourselves. It was time we shared our knowledge with the world.” said Christopher Skraba, President of Ralston & Anthony Advertising.

Are you curious as to what you could learn from an Orgolio seminar or consulting session? Check as these three quick facts about behavior in sales below:

  1. Did you know that the human face can produce what is called micro-expressions? In many cultures across the world, we are taught to lie to each-other out of consideration for one and others feelings. I’m sure you would agree that taking into consideration ones feelings is polite. However, when selling wouldn’t you rather know the truth? Knowing the truth can assist you to better help your client in finding the right solution to their problems. Micro-expressions last only 1/25 to 1/30 of a second and can reveal to you what your client is actually feeling about what you have to say.
  2. Or how about the fact that we as humans conform to mindless behavior. Mindlessness is quite simple at the surface. It states that we as humans act and react to certain situations mindlessly because we are familiar with the standard outcome. For example, one of our clients noticed a sign at a candle shop that read: Candles That Burn. What else would candles do? Yet you’d be surprised how many people, including yourself, would be mindless to such sales and thus more apt to venture into the store.
  3. Three senses are more important than your product when selling to prospects. Those senses are sight, audible and kinesthetic. Think about the purchase of your last home. The second you step through the front door your mind will begin processing what your life would be like living in said house. The sales process is no different, your prospects are busy trying sense your product.