Facebook Likes Create Credibility, Drive Sales

Facebook Likes Create Credibility, Drive SalesFacebook conceived in 2004 with a single purpose in mind, to bring nearly every aspect of our daily lives to the online environment. Today that has grown to innovate the way business’ communicate with existing customers as well as potential clients. However the challenge most business find themselves facing is how to attract large numbers of Facebook likes to benefit from the online movement.

One advertising agency has developed a solution for companies seeking a stronger presence on Facebook. Ralston & Anthony Advertising, with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, launched their 3,000 likes in 30 days or your money back, campaign, in December 2011. “We harness the latest technology to deliver to our clients real, genuine, likes. What good is your Facebook if you have one to communicate with?” Said CEO & Founder, Christopher Skraba. Clients who have tried the Facebook like service rave, “Almost overnight we have grown from 45 likes to over 3,000. What a difference.”

“So what?” you may ask. What do they do now? Business’ with a Facebook presence stronger than 2,000 have the ability to broadcast their message directly to potential clientele. With their new following clients of Ralston & Anthony have the ability to gain customer interest through multimedia interaction. YouTube videos, interactive status updates, photographs, contests and exclusive discounts are great ways to gain the attention of your audience. “If a business correctly manages the content placed on their site, they could very easily turn a like into a sale.” Skraba warms that poor content management could instead drive away customers.

Although having an audience is beneficial to companies, perhaps the greatest reward is the credibility associated with a large online following. In our modern society, not only do information hungry consumers research through mediums such as the BBB, they also check your Facebook! Large followings provide your customers with confidence. Amitabh Patel, Director of Social Networking for Ralston & Anthony, suggests encouraging customers to interact with your Facebook. “A large following when paired with a positive presence from your customers acts as the perfect endorsement for your business’ product or service.”

Facebook has changed the way we interact with each other and will continue to innovate the way we do business online and offline. Where does your Facebook rank? How will your customers view your company? Don’t be left behind to your competition. Create a following, develop a reputation, and grow your business online!