Investor Appeal: Advertising Tips To Help Startups Get Funding

Funding is the beat of the heart that gets your startup off the ground and into reality. If you’ve already read our previous article on marketing advice for startups, you know some of the basics in establishing your brand.

However, anyone who has ever been in the startup arena knows that establishing your brand isn’t the same as creating a brand that will win over investors.

So what does it take? How can you enhance your value proposition using your brand?

The answer is easy – be strategically creative.

Pretend for just a second that you are an investor have decided to spend every last-minute of the next day looking for the next big idea to invest in. You may head over to the latest startup development program or schedule meetings with local entrepreneur who’ve flooded your email with “listen to me” emails.

And of course, you do listen to them. Each and every one of them.

They pour all over you, one after the other, with the same ten minute pitch, PowerPoint presentation and leave behind package.

Pitch, PowerPoint, Package
Pitch, PowerPoint, Package
Pitch, PowerPoint, Package

By the end of the day you’re going to want nothing more than to just crawl into a corner, cry and admit defeat as you try to talk yourself into fighting this battle again another day.

But then at your last meeting with a local entrepreneur, something amazing happens! It’s called creativity! It’s not only captivating, it’s chock full of thought, awe and the best business you’ve ever heard of.

Here are some tips to break the mold, stand out and get the funding you need by combining your amazing business plan and brand into the best pitch – I mean show, you’ve ever seen.

Pump Your Presentation To The Next Level

It’s no secret that your standard PowerPoint template is boring, drab and so-totally Microsoft. So pump a little “WOW” into your pitch deck with videos, photos, a custom template and creative content that uniquely captures you and your business idea. Advertising agencies live to create strategically relevant entertainment that sells your business and captivates audiences. Considering to hire a professional to custom brand a PowerPoint template will be powerful. However, what can make even more of an impact is to have the entire pitch deck custom created by your marketing and business strategy teams.

Play Dress Up With Your Business Plan

Word Documents are fantastic for legal documents but hardly makes marketing materials marketable. Of course your business plan is chock full of useful technical data on your business. However, what efforts are you making to stand out from other prospective business’ looking to nab the same investor?

Business plans are great forms to develop your brand in print. Have your marketing, advertising or branding agency help you in the creation of your business plan. Play dress up with your business plan and rid your pitch of the lackluster black and white Word document.

Leave Behinds That Leave Your Competition Behind

Sure you’re going to want to leave behind your business plan and potentially your pitch deck behind. You may even create an investor package to leave for your prospective investors. But how are you leaving this content behind? Is it in a white folder with your name on it or is it in a full color advertisement that embodies your developing brand?

The execution is just as important as the product itself. Don’t forget to execute your leave behinds in ways that not only capture the investors attention but make them want a piece of your action.

Public Speaking Training

It’s absolutely no secret that a passionate well-trained speaker can motivate a rock to become a mountain. So why aren’t more startups paying closer attention to the details of their presentation abilities? I’ve sat around too many public investor meetings where the professional seeking investing is ill-prepared and under skilled to represent their brand.

Consider one-on-one training and, of course, give your pitch to yourself in your bathroom mirror. Sure, your wife may question your sanity. But who’s sane in business anyway?

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  1. Eraina
    June 23, 2013

    Love it!

    1. Christopher Skraba
      June 23, 2013

      Thank you! I’m glad you like this article.

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